Last fall something really exciting happened that I never told you about. The folks from Kurgo asked us if we’d like to be in their catalog. At first I thought they wanted some shots of Ty and Buster in their pet travel gear – and what dog mom wouldn’t be tickled about that?

But then things got even better … they wanted pictures of us all, and the Winnebago, for one of the magazine-style profiles they were including in the catalog. My immediate reaction was, “They know we’re not model material, right? The dogs photograph so much better than we do!” But I crammed those insecurities back down under that rock and said yes … despite the butterflies.

The Flashback …

I see my mother, lining up yet another vacation photo of my three beaming sisters and me with a scowl chiseling my face. I must have complained a thousand times (always in vain), “Why do we need another picture? Let’s just get going!” To this day, I am much more comfortable taking shots of the boys than I am being included in the frame. But, as it turned out, this photo shoot was a really good time.

The Shoot …

The fact that we’re in nearly perpetual motion complicated things a bit. Tracking down a good photographer along the way, snagging the package from Kurgo after the first shipment was lost, and shuffling the appointed time due to an ominous weather forecast kept us on our toes. Finally, the morning of the photo shoot came and it was gorgeous – sunny and warm. The boys got baths and a long walk to increase the chances they’d cooperate for the photos and then got ourselves ready.

Things really couldn’t have gone better. The photographer, Scott Smallin, met us at our campground in Myrtle Beach and promptly announced he was a dog lover with two of his own at home. He was laid back and patient and pumped the attention-getting squeaky ball like a champ! The dogs were on their best behavior and Buster – sporting his award-winning German Shepherd grin the entire time – made it evident that he has none of my genes. Team Team Team Team Team Team

The Big Reveal …

The best part of all was when the Kurgo catalog came out – there we were, on a full page! How cool is that?

Kurgo Catalog

We’re so grateful to Kurgo for the invitation. It was lot of fun and a great learning experience for us.

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