We ventured onto Michigan Avenue on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Duh … CROWDED! Walking the sidewalks was like running a gauntlet. What we really needed was a dog friendly park in Chicago!

The boys were willing to navigate the throngs for short time. And we discovered that Eddie Bauer is pet friendly!

Michigan Avenue - Chicago, IL
Hey, that’s not the dog section Dad is shopping in!

But then it was time to find somewhere more enjoyable for Ty and Buster. Feeling like we knew Chicago pretty well, we left Michigan Avenue and made for the lakefront. It’s always been one of our favorite places to walk when we’re in the city. But this was the first time we’d stumbled across Milton L. Olive III park!

The entrance to this dog friendly park is tucked between the intersection of Grand & Streeter, near Ohio Street Beach. There are many peaceful parks in Chicago to peruse with your pooch, but this one should definitely be on your list to enjoy!

Olive Park - Chicago, IL

The park is large and offers some spectacular views of the lake front.

Olive Park - Chicago, IL
A deserted Ohio Street beach
Olive Park - Chicago, IL
We’ll take a condo here …
Olive Park - Chicago, IL
or here – we’re not (that) picky.

And Navy Pier is in the background.

Olive Park - Chicago, IL
Ty: (snicker) “Buster gets sick on the ferris wheel.”


We finally made it back to this dog friendly park in Chicago. Read about our most recent paws-on-the-ground research now!

Illinois' Top Pet Friendly Attraction: Chicago Lakefront Trail and Navy Pier | GoPetFriendly.com

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