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This swimming beach on the pond is fully enclosed by a fence making it a safe place to splash.

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Breweries / Wineries

Lockhorn Cider House
Bozeman, MT

Sample ciders with accompanying snacks to enhance their flavors. All ciders and food items are gluten free. They have a large, pet friendly area outsi... Read More

Bunkhouse Brewery
Bozeman, MT

This brewery serves craft beers in a dog friendly taphouse.

SHINE Beer Sanctuary
Bozeman, MT

This counter-service beer garden also has a menu of handheld foods.

Zesty Beverages
Bozeman, MT

This facility brews both hard and soft Kombucha aged in oak.

Nordic Brew Works
Bozeman, MT

Enjoy pizza, artisan beer, and craft cocktails on the pet friendly patio.

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Off-Leash Dog Parks

This 40 acre, non fenced dog park features lots of open space and trails. Bring your own water.

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Parks & Nature

This gravel trail lies on a former railway. It is about 1.5 miles long each way. You'll find the parking lot at the base of Peets Hill on Church Stree... Read More

This sanctuary for rescued grizzly bears allows you to view them in a mountain setting. There is also a goat pen at the entrance so it's only a suitab... Read More

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