Black and white photo of a German Shepherd Dog and a woman smiling at each other overlooking a lake

At GoPetFriendly, we believe life is better when it’s shared with a pet.

And we recognize that including your pets in your plans takes a bit more effort. Locating pet friendly things to do, destinations to visit, places to eat out and stay overnight requires an extra step in your planning process.

We’re here to help you do more together by providing the tools and information you need, offering a platform where pet travelers can learn from and inspire each other, and sharing the lessons we picked up while traveling full-time with our dogs for more than twelve years.

From the trip planner to the destination guides to hundreds of articles on the blog, our passion is supporting your desire to make memories with your pets. Whether it’s a day around town or an epic adventure across the country, we hope you’ll GoPetFriendly.

Our Story

In 2008, a stray German Shepherd showed up on our doorstep. We were two accountants and a Shar-pei, comfortably working from our home in Philadelphia. This dog changed everything.

Unable to find his people, we concluded this pup was meant to be with us, and we named him Buster. And it didn’t take long for him to start shaking things up! A few weeks after he joined the family, Buster threw a wrench into our summer road trip plan. Traveling with two dogs – one of them 70-pounds and full of energy – was more challenging than we imagined. After three weeks on the road, we knew we had to do something to make pet travel easier.

In 2009, we launched GoPetFriendly, and a few months later we moved into a Winnebago with Ty and Buster. For 10 years we lived our best lives together, exploring America’s highways and byways, and sharing our adventures with all of you on the blog.

In 2020, just a few months after Ty and Buster had passed away, a new pup wandered into our life. We called him Myles, and he’s following in his brothers’ paw prints as an ambassador for all traveling pets.