The football team isn’t the only thing charging through Sand Diego – pets are charging right into every corner of this gorgeous southern Cali city! Where are you and your pet looking to go? Need something to eat? Somewhere to stay? Somewhere to have fun? Find it here at Go Pet Friendly!

When Juan Cabrillo became the first European to land in San Diego more than 460 years ago, he claimed the whole region for his native Spain. Somebody else is in charge today, though: pets! The lovable little guys have plenty of options for touring, dining, sleeping and everything else here in San Diego.

Tourism is huge in warm, sunny San Diego, and some of the finest spots to check out in the city are welcoming to dogs, cats and all manner of other pets. Thanks in no small part to the University of California, San Diego being located here, the city is a major center for biotechnology research. With the Padres and Chargers being in town, it’s also got a passionate local sports fan base. Best of all, there are plenty of great options for pets, and you’ll find all of them right here!