Some of our wonderful Facebook fans have said they want to easily locate dog parks while they’re traveling. Do you feel the same way? Well, so did we – Buster is a young German Shepard after all! He as a lot of energy to burn. (Ty, not so much.)

When we launched the new Road Trip Planner, we included an easy way for you to find dog parks – as well as pet friendly beaches, National Parks, and other attractions like wineries and shopping centers to make your pet travels more fun and interesting. Here’s now it works:

First, go to the Road Trip Planner. Tell it where you’re starting from, where you’re heading to, and then hit “Start Trip.”

As you can see, I’m mapping a trip from Naples to Tampa, Florida:

Road Trip Planner 1

You’ll see your route show up on the map. Then, check the “Activities” box under “Locate Pet Friendly Places” and hit “Apply.”

Road Trip Planner 2

PRESTO! All the activities – including off-leash dog parks – along your route will show up on the map. :-)

Road Trip Planner 3

To see what pops up, simply hover your mouse over the dot on the map. To get additional details, click on the dot and an information bubble will appear.

Road Trip Planner 4

From the bubble, you can do three things.

  1. Click on “View Details” to see a description of the activity and any reviews that have been submitted for it on the website.

Road Trip Planner 5

2. For places you just thinking of visiting use Save as Favorite and the activity will show up in your itinerary on the left side of the screen.

Road Trip Planner 6

3. If you’re sure you want to visit a location, Add as Destination and the activity will be included in your itinerary, it will appear on the map, and turn-by-turn directions will be provided when you click “View Driving Directions.”

Road Trip Planner 7

Yep, it’s that easy! Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments on additional features you’d like to see on the Road Trip Planner.

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  • Hello, the links to the trip planner result in error messages or blog posts (from url provided in comment), but not the actual planner tool. Can you help?

    • Hi Kristen! Thanks for pointing out those old links. Unfortunately, the service we were using to provide the maps for the road trip planner are no longer available. Until we find a new map provider, we’ve had to take the trip planner portion of the site down. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Hi AM – No, we won’t have that functionality back up by the end of July. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Safe travels to you!

    • Hi Laura! Yes, we’re doing some work on the trip planner. We’re hoping to have it back up soon!

  • It didn’t work for me, it shows my route, but I don’t see anywhere, where it shows how to add anything to the map such as dog parks

    • Thanks, Angela! We’re doing some work on the trip planner and hope to have it working like this again soon.

  • I am looking for gas stations that also have dog park. Your website was of no help yo me but I think that if you add that to it you will get more people

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