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Riverview Dog Park and Beach

Riverview, NB
Dog owners/handlers are liable for the behavior, damage or injury inflicted by their dogs. Owners/handlers are legally and financially responsible for their dog’s behavior. The Town of Riverview accepts no liability or responsibility for injuries occurring in the Dog Park. Handlers MUST “Scoop the Poop”. Handlers MUST remove aggressive dogs immediately! Any dog with a known history of dangerous behavior is prohibited. Handlers MUST be inside fenced area with their dogs at all times. Please leash and unleash in the entrance / exit gated area. No children under 12 years of age permitted inside fence. All dogs must wear a collar with ID. No pinch pronged or spiked collars allowed. Limit of 2 dogs per handler. No female dogs in heat. No dogs less than 4 months of age Eating and smoking is prohibited inside fence. Digging holes must be stopped and holes filled by handler. No treats or toys. Dogs must have current vaccinations.

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