It’s the “City of Seven Wonders,” but there’s one thing you won’t ever have to wonder about when you find yourself in Flagstaff, Arizona: where to go with your pets! Go Pet Friendly’s done all the hard work of scouring Flagstaff for pet-friendly hotels, attractions and restaurants so that you don’t have to. The only thing you have to do is search our website, select a location and head out there with your pet.

You don’t build a reputation for tourism as strong as Flagstaff’s without opening your doors to pets, and that’s exactly what this northern Arizona city has done. This elevated, desert-like city is booming with great places to bring your pet, and Go Pet Friendly has highlighted all of the best ones for you right here. If you’re going downtown, to Mars Hill, Munds Park, Sedona or any of the other great locales in and around Flagstaff, you’ll find all of the best places to bring your pets right here before you ever leave your door.