Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is one of the United States’ most prominent coastal tourism locations, bringing in around 14 million visitors during the spring, summer and fall months. Some of them, of course, are of the furry variety, and you better believe that Go Pet Friendly is here to ensure dogs, cats and all manner of other pets have as much fun in the South Carolina sun as every other visitor does. Trust Go Pet Friendly to show you the very best of Myrtle Beach’s pet-friendly sites worth visiting, and you’ll maximize your time in town.

Under the boardwalk, down by the sea, I’m on a blanket with my…pet! That’s where Go Pet Friendly will be, and you should be too. Myrtle Beach’s famous boardwalk (ranked #3 in the nation by National Geographic is just one of the man-made island’s many great attractions. Motorcycle rallies, shopping – including at the Coastal Grand mall and Myrtle Beach mall – beautiful stretches of beach, numerous hotels and incredible places to eat are just some of the things that make it special.

And if you want to know which spots around town are best for bringing your pets, all you have to do is check right here at Go Pet Friendly. We’ve got you covered.