Where should you head off to in Vancouver, British Columbia with your pets? Not sure? Need a little bit of a hint? Not a problem! Go Pet Friendly’s got much more than just a little hint for you here – we’ve got all of the city’s pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and sites listed right here for your convenience. Having fun with your pets in Vancouver should be easy, and now it is. Take a look below to see for yourself.

Vancouver’s the most densely populated city in all of Canada, but it still has plenty of room for you and your pet. Trust us, we’ve checked out the city from top to bottom and located every place worth visiting when you’re in town with your pet. Quality of living surveys have placed Vancouver in the top five in the entire world, and it’s not just people that are having a good time there – it’s pets, too. Whatever you’re looking to experience in Vancouver, Go Pet Friendly will help you find it.