Bringing the pets with you to Sacramento, California? What a capital idea! Sacramento isn’t known as “America’s Most Diverse City” for nothing! There are myriad great places to see and good times to be had in Sacramento, and many of them are pet-friendly. But which ones? How do you find them? You don’t have to – we already have! Search Go Pet Friendly to find each and every one of the best pet-friendly destinations in town.

What’s one of the best places to take your pets to in any city? The parks, of course! Sacramento’s no different. In fact, the city is well-known for its incredible park system. There are more than 5,000 acres worth of parks and recreational areas throughout Sacramento, many waiting to be explored by you and the furrier members of your family. The downtown area is chock full of small parks, and American River Parkway stretches alongside the American River for 23 miles. Find all of Sacramento’s best pet-friendly parks, restaurants and more right here at Go Pet Friendly.