If you are planning a trip to New York City, but are worried about finding pet-friendly hotels or activities, you are in luck! Go Pet Friendly has covered New York from Central Park to Greenwich Village to find you the best pet friendly locations in the “Big Apple”. Hotels, dining options and parks – all pet friendly options to help you and your dogs enjoy New York City!

No need to leave the dog behind on your trip to NYC. You and your pooch will love all that the city has to offer. New York is developing a reputation as an animal friendly city – from the top rated pet-friendly hotels and restaurants to parks, boutiques, and spas to pamper your four-legged friends. It is no wonder why those that travel list New York as a growing pet-friendly destination.

Best Time To Visit

Best Time To Visit

Visiting New York in the summer will give you the most pet friendly options. But city temps and humidity are pretty uncomfortable—especially for naked paws on hot pavement. 

Winter temps hover just above freezing. But even occasional snow and slush are yucky to walk through. And the week between Christmas and New Year’s is packed with tourists.

You’ll get the best of the city in spring and fall. There are even classic songs touting the virtues of New York in both autumn and springtime. Some pet friendly patios will have heaters so they can remain open on chilly days. And you’ll enjoy leaf peeping in Central Park in late October. 


Things Not To Miss

Central Park is the third most visited attraction In the world! Don't miss out. Take guided tours of different park areas. Or just wander at random. Many trails are shaded and restful on even a hot day.

If you aren’t too tuckered out, take a walk across the East River on the Brooklyn Bridge. You’ll get unforgettable views. Don’t forget to buy a hot dog from a vendor on the Manhattan end in case anyone feels peckish mid-span.

If you’re traveling with a small dog or cat, you’re in luck. They are welcome on public transit as long as they can travel in a carrier on your lap. A subway ride to the northern tip of Manhattan is an easy way to see Fort Tryon Park—a spot so quiet it’s easy to forget you’re in the nation’s most populated city.

And, of course, follow your nose to find the most diverse cuisine in the world. Food carts are an easy way to pick up a picnic lunch. And besides hot dogs, you’ll find salads, halal food, knishes, and Korean barbecue. You will find even more options in the city's many pet welcoming patios. And they're great for people (and dog) watching.


 New York definitely has something for everyone!