So you’re off to Seattle for a trip, or maybe you’re moving there, or maybe you’ve lived there for years and just got your first pet. Whatever your situation, Go Pet Friendly is the place to go for finding all of the best pet-friendly locales in Seattle. If you and your pet need a place to stay, eat or play, you’ll find it here. Go ahead and search our listings to find you and your pet’s next stop in Seattle.

It’s the home of grunge rock, fish markets, dot coms, coffee houses and…something else. Can you guess what it is? It’s not hard. It’s pets, of course! Seattle, Washington is a beautiful city full of great urban nightlife as well as amazing outdoors opportunities. The city’s famous lakes, hills, mountains and pine trees set it apart from every other city in the country, and present a huge number of outdoors pet-friendly activity opportunities. Find them all at Go Pet Friendly!