Where can you and your pets go when you’re in Salt Lake City, UT? Not sure? Not to worry – Go Pet Friendly does! We’re not just keeping that info all to ourselves, though; we’re sharing it with you and every other pet owner living in or heading to Salt Lake. If you’re looking to find places to stay, eat or play you’ll find them here at Go Pet Friendly. Take a look.

“The Crossroads of the West” is a great place to take your pet, but, like every city, not everyplace in town is pet-friendly. Many are, though. Which ones? How will you ever find them without wasting time running in circles through Salt Lake? Just look here! Go Pet Friendly has taken the time to find the best Salt Lake locations for pets, be they eateries, hotels, parks or other attractions.

Whatever you want to do in town with your pets, you’ll find the best places to do it just by looking here. No running around. No searching. No being told “no dogs (or other pets) allowed.” Go ahead and visit the any place you find here. You’ll be welcome…so will your pets.