Where should you and your pet go when you’re in Casper, Wyoming? It might seem like a tough question to answer with so much ground to cover, but you don’t have to cover it on your own. In fact, you don’t have to cover it at all. Go Pet Friendly’s already done it for you. We’ve mapped out all the best places to take your pets in the “Oil City,” and they’re all waiting for you right here. Take a look for yourself.

Casper, Wyoming has three theaters, five incredible museums and plenty of parks and natural outdoors locations just waiting to be explored. Like any city, though, not everyplace in Casper is open to pets. The good news? Plenty of them are, and Go Pet Friendly has mapped them out for you. We’ve scoured the town and found all of the very best pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and attractions. Find them here and get out there and experience them for yourself!