We’ve been keeping a BIG secret from you, and it’s time to come clean … months have gone into the planning, and in just a few weeks we’ll be embarking on the Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip!  We’ve selected the #1 pet friendly attraction in each of the lower 48 states and D.C, and we’re setting out on a 10-month, 15,000-mile tour of the United States to visit each one!

The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip Map and Logo

Our Mission

This is going to be far more than just a fun adventure – we’re on a mission to celebrate the bonds that grow between humans and pets as they travel together, and to raise awareness for animals searching for their forever homes. We want to share the wide variety of activities that are available to pet travelers, help build the confidence of those pet lovers who haven’t yet ventured out with their furry companions, and do our part to assist homeless pets that would love nothing more than to be someone’s travel buddy.

Live Events

The best part of the whole thing is that we’re scheduling seventeen live events, so we’ll get to meet you! Everyone knows that we believe deeply in promoting the rescue/adoption of pets – after all, none of this would be happening if we hadn’t found Buster as a stray!  So we’re working with the Humane Society of the United States and local animal rescues to co-host these gatherings during the tour.

Our first live event will take place on February 11, 2017 in Carmel, CA, in partnership with the SPCA of Monterey County. There will be fun for everyone, and we can’t wait to have you and your pets join us. Of course the SPCA will have adoptable animals there, too – so if you don’t have furry wingman for your next road trip just yet, we’ll see about fixing that!

Other cities where we’ll be hosting live events on the tour are:

Phoenix, Arizona

San Antonio, Texas

Tampa / St. Petersburg, Florida

Charleston, South Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina

Williamsburg, Virginia

Annapolis, Maryland

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mystic, Connecticut

Boston, Massachusetts

Bar Harbor, Maine

Louisville, Kentucky

St. Louis, Missouri

Duluth, Minnesota

La Crosse, Wisconsin

Portland, Oregon

Our Sponsors

None of this would be possible without the support of our wonderful sponsors: Winnebago2 Hounds Design, AlcottgoDog®PetGuide.comRed Roof InnsSleepypodThe Bark, and The Honest Kitchen. Please be sure to visit their websites and social media pages and thank them for their participation!

The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip - Sponsor Logos

Join the tour virtually by following along on the blog and tracking the  #pawsomememories hashtag on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

We hope this tour will encourage more people to make priceless memories with their pets — whether they’re heading around the block or across the country!

Planning a pet friendly trip of your own? We’ll make it easy:
Pet Friendly Hotels | Pet Friendly Destinations | Pet Friendly Activities

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  • That would be great, Eric! I’d love to meet you both. Yes, the dates are set and you can find them at events.gopetfriendly.com. We’re finalizing the locations and times, and those will be posted as soon as they’re finalized. Looking forward to it!

  • We’re still working out the details of the live events, Katy, but we should have all of that on the events.gopetfriendly.com website soon. I do know that the date of the St. Louis event is July 29th, so mark it on your calendar, because it would be great to see you!

  • GoPetFriendly.com Hmmm…you’re only about an hour and a half away from me. I’m meeting with a puppy raiser tomorrow to place the last puppy from the litter. How long will you be in Palm Springs?

  • I would love to do that. Let us know when you are near Louisville Ky. Carma Poodale and I would love to come see you!! We are only a couple hours away and would be happy to drive up to see you. Safe travels!!!

  • Bummer! I wish we could have scheduled more events, Colby, but trying to make it all the way around the states and avoid snow and ice was a challenge. We’re probably closer to you now in Palm Springs – I’d say we should meet up, but I know that you have your hands full with a litter right now!

  • I wish we had time to make all the stops, Travis! Unfortunately, the schedule is really tight – but we’ll keep you in mind for future travels, because visiting pet friendly wineries is always fun. Thanks so much for welcoming our furry friends!

  • Our event is scheduled for November 4th, Cindy – and it should be a whopper! It’s the last stop on our trip, and we’ll be ready to celebrate. I hope to see you and Roxybella there!

  • Very good to know, Lorrie – I don’t think we’ll make it to Eureka Springs on this trip, but we’ll definitely keep it in mind for the furture. We’re going to be seeing Arkansas’ beautiful Buffalo River on this trip!

  • Me too, Fran! That will be a big celebration – the culmination of our 10-month, 15,000 mile jouney. I’d say I can’t wait …. except there is so much fun to be had between now and then. I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

  • I don’t know your exact path of travel, but if you will be passing through Arkansas, I highly recommend Northwest Arkansas and Eureka Springs, AR. The whole area is beautful, lots of great places to stay with the RV and Eureka Springs is likely the most pet-friendly town in the state! Great trails, hiking, or just strolling through downtown. As long as the boys behave, many shops will gladly welcome them in along with their shopping companions.

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