A little more than a year ago, Rod and I reached a turning point. Up until that point, we believed that traveling full-time would be a temporary thing – something we’d do until we found the perfect spot to settle down again. But somewhere along the way, things changed. “Settling down” wasn’t a goal anymore – in fact, it sounded down-right awful! We love traveling too much to give it up, so we decided to trade in our smaller motorhome and get one that would give all of us a little more space.

New 2013 Itasca Meridian 36M
The new coach, the old RV and our tow vehicle

After spending 3 1/2 years in the little RV, which clearly identified us as the GoPetFriendly.com team, moving to the new coach made us feel like we were traveling incognito. That came to an end today … and we couldn’t be more delighted! In just three days, the coach went through a complete transformation, from this:

2013 Itasca Meridian by Winnebago Industries

To this:

GoPetFriendly.com's New RV Wrap by blue media

GoPetFriendly.com's New RV Wrap by blue media

GoPetFriendly.com's New RV Wrap by blue media

The new wrap definitely makes an impression, and will help us spread the word that pet travel is easy – and fun – with GoPetFriendly.com! We couldn’t have pulled this off without the help of our designer, Dana at Vivid Pixel Studio and the folks at bluemedia in Tempe, Arizona who did a fantastic job with the wrap installation. The only thing left to do now is add the logos of our sponsors, Cerenia, Quaker Pet Group, and The Honest Kitchen, and we’ll really be ready to roll!

Planning a pet friendly trip of your own? We’ll make it easy:
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  • Thank you, Mary. Yes, this RV is a completely different experience than the old one. There are a few drawbacks, like not spending as much time on the backroads as we used to, but overall I wouldn’t trade back!

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