What’s the best dog stroller for a medium-sized dog? We’ve been asked this question many times since Ty started using a dog stroller two years ago.

When Ty lost his vision, I chose a dog stroller that worked well for us. But we had no experience with other strollers, so I couldn’t help when people needed advice. The obvious solution was to try some other options! So, I asked the most popular dog stroller companies to send us their best dog strollers for medium sized dogs. We put them to the test, and the results are below!

We testing five dog strollers to determine which is best for medium sized dogs


The Best Dog Stroller for a Medium Sized Dog

Figuring out which stroller is best for your medium sized dog can be tricky. The first thing to consider is how you want to use the stroller. We’re pretty active and need a versatile stroller that goes on trails, sidewalks, and across grass.

The next thing to consider is ease of use. We’re always on the go with the stroller in the cargo carrier on top of our car. During a day trip, we might set up and collapse the dog stroller several times. So, having one that folds easily and stores compactly is a priority.

Of course, the stroller also needs to accommodate your dog’s weight! It can be a little tricky to tell a dog’s size from pictures, so we’re providing Ty’s measurements. Compare them to your dog to determine which of the dog strollers will be most comfortable.

Weight: 36 pounds

Height when sitting: 23 inches

Length (nose to rump) when laying down: 30 inches

Amy from GoPetFriendly.com holding Ty, the blind and deaf Shar-pei dog

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Comparing Dog Strollers

After receiving Ty’s measurements and our intended use for the stroller, we received five dog strollers to test. We hit the trails, cruised the campground roads, and went off-road to evaluate their performance.

We should note that Ty loved them all. There are few things he enjoys more than riding in his dog stroller – sniffing all the smells and the fresh air and snoozing with the sun on his face. If it were up to him, we’d have kept them all! But we live in a Winnebago, and having five strollers isn’t practical. We had to decide which to keep … and it wasn’t easy.

Comparison Photos

Five dog stroller sitting side by side

Five dog strollers in a the folded position for comparison

Five dog strollers in a folded position on their sides for comparison

At the end of this post, you’ll find a table comparing the dimensions, weight capacity, and other details of each stroller.

All the strollers had appealing aspects. But in the end, one rose to the top as our favorite. Below is our take on each of the dog strollers we tested in the order they appear in the photos above.

Pet Gear – No Zip Double Stroller – $290

The Pet Gear No Zip Double Stroller is the dark green and black stroller on the far left in the comparison photos. This stroller rides like a Cadillac, with air-filled tires, a fuzzy cushion, and a storage basket under the carriage, and also features a paw rest. With a maximum weight limit of 90 pounds and carriage dimensions of 26″ L x 19″ W, it could easily accommodate two smaller pets.

Ty the Shar-pei riding in the Pet Gear No-Zip Double Stroller for dogs

For maneuverability and comfort – both Ty’s and ours – this was our top dog stroller choice. Having four tires in a triangular configuration gives the stroller maneuverability and stability no matter the surface. And being able to close the canopy securely without a zipper is a nice feature. This stroller also comes with a cup holder, rain cover, and tire pump.

While the Pet Gear stroller is easy to set up and fold, its drawback is that it doesn’t collapse compactly. In comparison to the other folded strollers, this was by far the bulkiest. This might not be a concern if you have plenty of cargo space, but it was a deal-breaker for us. We couldn’t get the stroller and both dogs into our RAV4.

Green Pet Gear No-Zip Double Stroller for dogs

ibiyaya – Happy Bicycle Pet Trailer / Stroller – $275

The ibiyaya Happy Bicycle Pet Trailer / Stroller is the red dog stroller second from the left in the comparison photos. This was our first experience using a bike trailer-type dog stroller, and getting Ty into this style was more difficult. Since losing his vision, he won’t step onto uncertain footing, and lifting him into this dog stroller and securing the safety straps is awkward.

Ty the Shar-pei riding in the ibiyaya Happy Bicycle Trailer / Stroller for dogs

The ibiyaya dog stroller comes with the bike trailer arm, though we only tested it as a stroller. It also has air-filled tires, a cup holder, reflectors and a flag for visibility, a large storage pocket, and comes with a rain cover. With a maximum weight limit of 66 pounds, this is a more compact pet stroller too. While Ty fit fine, it would only accommodate multiple pets if they were very small.

This dog stroller was no problem navigating trails, grass, and pavement, and Ty seemed quite comfortable in it. It has a very simple folding mechanism and a clasp that holds it closed. One of the drawbacks to this stroller is the fixed handle bar, which might be uncomfortable for some humans. The other is the plastic zippers, which don’t glide easily.

Red ibiyaya Happy Bicycle Trailer / Stroller for dogs


DoggyRide – Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller – $399

The DoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller is the green/grey/black stroller in the center of each of the comparison pictures. This is the roomiest of all of the dog strollers we tested and has the highest weight capacity at 110 pounds. It has air-filled tires, reflectors for visibility, and a very large storage pocket on the back.

Buster the German Shepherd Dog in a green DoggyRide dog stroller

The DoggyRide stroller has a nice, smooth ride and can also be used as a bike trailer with the conversion kit (sold separately). However, this was the most challenging of the strollers to assemble. It’s also the most complicated to collapse and set up. Folding the stroller requires the handlebar to be taken off and a support bar inside the stroller to be released. The tires can also be easily removed for more compact storage. But there is no locking mechanism to keep the collapsed stroller from unfolding while being stowed.

Because of its size and weight limit, this would be a great stroller for more than one pet. The flexibility to use the stroller as a bike trailer is an added benefit. We found it spacious enough for Buster, and almost too big for Ty. It felt like more stroller than we needed.

Green DoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller

Petique All Terrain Pet Jogger – $240

The Petique All Terrain Pet Jogger is the blue dog stroller second from the right in the comparison photos. This stroller appears to be fundamentally the same as the ibiyaya discussed above, with a few notable differences. The Petique dog stroller has air-filled tires and reflectors for visibility but has two storage pockets rather than one. It comes with a rain cover and a tire pump, and the bike trailer conversion kit is sold separately.

Ty the Shar-pei riding in the Petique All Terrain Pet Jogger stroller for dogs

One feature that differentiates the Petique dog stroller from the ibiyaya is the multi-position, adjustable handlebar. This makes it easy for humans of any height to comfortably push the stroller over uneven terrain. The other difference is the zippers. The Petique zippers were easier to use and felt more durable. This stroller, as well as the ibiyaya, folds flat, and the tires can be quickly removed for easy storage.

The Petique stroller’s compact size allows you to use it anywhere. Its maximum weight capacity of 60 pounds makes it comfortable for medium-sized dogs. While we would have preferred a bit more storage, this stroller met all of our needs.

Petique All Terrain Pet Jogger stroller for dogs

Pet Rover – Pet Rover XL Pet Stroller – $206

The Pet Rover XL is the purple and black stroller on the far right in the comparison photos. This pet stroller has foam-filled rubber tires, a no-zip canopy closure, a wrist strap for safety, a cup holder, an under-carriage storage basket, and storage pockets for pet gear. With a maximum capacity of 75 pounds and an expandable carriage bed, it offers plenty of room for one medium-sized pet or two smaller dogs.

Ty the Shar-pei riding in the purple Pet Rover XL dog stroller

The Pet Rover XL offers a lot of features at this price point. The leather-covered handlebar is reversible, the front tires lock, and it’s the most compact of the stroller when folded.

However, with tires at the four corners, we found this dog stroller more difficult to maneuver than the other models. The Pet Rover XL also had the smallest tires of the dog strollers we tested. That made going on trails or grass more challenging and the ride a little rougher. For better versatility, we prefer strollers with larger tires in a three-point configuration.

Purple and black Pet Rover XL dog stroller

 Dog Strollers By the Numbers

For each of the strollers tested, we gathered the dimensions, weight, price, and other vital information for easy comparison:

Table comparing dog stroller price, dimensions, weight, and features


The Best Dog Stroller for Ty

Choosing the best dog stroller was ruff, and Ty worked his tail off, snoozing in each one. After much deliberation, we concluded that, of the five strollers we tested, the Petique All Terrain Pet Jogger best met our needs. It handles well on different surfaces, is comfortable to push, and folds compactly, so it fits in our car with both dogs. And best of all, it allows Ty to explore (and nap) with us.

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Man, dog in dog stroller, dog in wheelchair on a pet friendly trail

If you’re using a pet stroller that you love, tell us about it in the comments! Happy Trails!


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  • Excellent article – thank you for your research, photos, measurements, and write-up. Wow! I really appreciate this.
    ~ Michele (Vienna, VA)

    • Hi Kim! That’s a great question. Some of the strollers we tested had a tendency to tip back toward the handlebar, which could frighten (if not injure) a dog inside. The heavier the dog, the more likely it could be to tip. For that reason, I’d recommend sticking within the manufacturer’s weight suggestions. I hope that helps!

  • I’m looking for a stroller that can hold my 45lb dog. I’m looking for one that will not tip backwards. She likes to sit towards the back of the stroller. One that is good in all kinds of weather.

    • Hi Chauna! The strollers that are lower to the ground tend to be more stable. And she’s be able to get into the stroller without you having to lift her. It seems one of those would work best for you both. Good luck!

  • Hi,
    I really like the look of the Pet Gear double stroller. My travels in the past have been without my pets (and to Europe). But arthritis has changed how I travel a lot. So, I want to do my first car trip with my 2 dogs (I would love to try New Orleans). Has anyone used this stroller in a city area and was it manageable? Thanks so much and I was so glad to have come across this site and article too!

    • Hi Margaret! In testing the Pet Gear Double Stroller, we found it to be very maneuverable and believe it would be fine in a city where people are used to accommodating people with children in strollers. It’s also stable and would do well crossing grass in a park or strolling on a groomed trail. I hope that helps with your decision and that you have a wonderful time traveling with your pups!

    • I’m so glad that your pup is enjoying the Petique stroller too, Chappie! Thanks for your note, and happy trails to you.

  • We bought a Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller for our 2 small pups it works great for them. We take it when we go hiking and walking around different cities when we travel. Only problem does not fold flat when we put it in the car.

    • Good to know, Beth! Thanks for your comment. I was thinking of giving that stroller a try – just for comparison purposes – but it doesn’t fold flat, it probably won’t fit in our cargo carrier. You saved me some work!

      • Amy it depends on the size of cargo carrier it would be hard to close with this stroller. Glad you found one for Ty.

        • I appreciate your help! I’ll take a close look at the folded dimensions on their website before I place an order. With Buster’s wheels and Ty’s stroller, we’re tight on space in the RAV4 now!

    • I also recommend the Pet Gear stroller the three air tires are all terrain and it is easy to pop open but it is larger to store. A small to med dog bed fits perfectly in the bottom as well and can easily be washed which I like and adding a blanket around the chin rest makes it super comfy!

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