Rock of ages. Nature’s cathedral. Carved by the fingers of nature. These phrases describe Virginia’s Natural Bridge.

One of the themes on this roadtrip is to find activities that we can do with Ty and Buster, not just find places that we can take them. We stopped at The Natural Bridge in Virginia, which is located just northeast of Roanoke a few miles off of either the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Natural Bridge formed when a cavern collapsed, leaving the 20-story arch that stands today. That “span” is solid rock and is estimated to weigh 36,000 tons. At one time, Thomas Jefferson owned the Bridge and surrounding acreage, having purchased it from King George III of England in 1774.

The Natural Bridge is open year-round, and well-behaved, leashed dogs can join you on the Cedar Creek Trail. The trail passes the Bridge, a restoration-in-progress of a Monacan Indian village, and Lace Waterfalls. The 2.5 mile walk was a great way to exercise the boys and enjoy one of Nature’s wonders.

If you get hungry, there is a café that serves take away food and drinks. Pets are welcome at the covered and uncovered outdoor seating areas.

We hope our visit to Virginia’s Natural Bridge encourages you to see it with your pets!

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  • My dog Murphy, 17 lbs, and I visited Natural Bridge in October 2022. To my surprise they allowed me to bring him inside to get my tickets, shop, and explore the exhibits. There were several other dogs inside as well. We walked the trail and saw a number of dogs. Natural Bridge is a great stop with your dog. Murphy enjoyed the trail and it was a great break for us both on a road trip through Virginia.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Deb! We’re so glad you and Murphy had a great time. Waggin’ trails to you both!

  • I went there years ago before I got my shihtzu. How much of Natural Bridge can I take her to. Can she go in museums if I hold her. We dont travel without her!!!

    • Good for you, Retha! Generally pets aren’t allowed in the buildings. But since she’s small, if you put her in your purse or in a carrier, I think you’d probably be alright. Waggin’ trails!

  • Ive been there years ago. I want to go back. How much of Natural bridge can my little dog go to. Im sure not the museums.

    • You’re right, Retha, generally pets are not allowed inside the buildings. However, since your pup is small, if you had him or her in a carrier or in your purse, I think that would probably be alright.

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