Discovering pet friendly Tombstone, Arizona happened by accident. When you’re traveling with someone else, you end up doing things you might otherwise skip. Tombstone sounded a little “touristy” for our taste, but when we traveled with my parents last month, they wanted to see it.

We were on a day trip from Tucson to Bisbee, and my dad has always loved a good cowboy story. For him, driving by the O.K. Corral without stopping wasn’t an option. And it’s a darn good thing we obliged! Otherwise we might never have known that Tombstone is heads and tails above most when it comes to accommodating folks traveling with their pets!

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Pet Friendly Fun In Tombstone

Tombstone is devoted to it’s wild west past, and everywhere you turn there’s someone hoping you’ll spend a few bucks to be immersed in the experience. Normally, I’d find it all a little irritating. But we had Ty and Buster with us and I was surprised to find the first … and then the second … and then the third business welcome the dogs to join us. That stoked my fire, and our visit became a scavenger hunt to determine how many of Tombstone’s attractions are pet friendly.

Here’s what we uncovered:

Your pet is welcome to enjoy a show at the Bird Cage Theatre.
Bird Cage Theatre - a Pet Friendly Attraction in Tombstone, AZ

You and your pup can take a stage coach tour.

Stage Coach Tours - A Pet Friendly Attraction in Tombstone, AZ

Dogs are welcome to join you in exploring the old mines under Tombstone.

Tombstone Consolidated Mines Company - A Pet Friendly Attraction in Tombstone, AZ

Tombstone Consolidated Mines Company - A Pet Friendly Attraction in Tombstone, AZ

The trolley tours are pet friendly, as well.

Pet Friendly trolly tours in Tombstone, AZ

When you’re ready for some grub, Brenda’s Chuckwagon has pet friendly outdoor seating.

Brenda's Chuckwagon - A Pet Friendly Attraction in Tombstone, AZ

And the ice cream shop at T. Miller’s Tombstone Mercantile serves doggy ice cream cones!

T. Miller's Tombston Mercantile - A Pet Friendly Attraction in Tombstone, AZ

Poster for Doggie Ice Cream Cones at T. Millers Mercantile in pet friendly Tombstone, AZ

Waitress serving doggy ice cream cones in pet friendly Tombstone, AZ

Needless to say, this was Ty’s favorite stop of the day!

Ty's eating an Ice Cream Cone in pet friendly Tombstone, AZ

What’s Not Pet-Friendly in Tombstone?

The only place that we found that didn’t allow pets was the shoot-out reenactment at the O.K. Corral – and that’s because the gun shots may scare the dogs.

All of the business owners that we talked to were very aware that more and more people are traveling with their pets, and Tombstone’s making every effort to be accommodating. It’s a win-win situation: pet travelers get to create memories with their furry family members, and more tourists dollars are spent in Tombstone because of their pet friendly policies.

I only wish more places were so forward thinking!

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  • All the restaurants and most other things seem to be pet-friendly, but what about the stores?
    I’m on an electric scooter and my small dog (not a service dog) goes with me in a basket on the front.
    If he isn’t welcome in the stores, it’s going to be a very quick trip to Tombstone and we drove clear from Yellowstone to see it.

    • Hi Laurie! You’ll have to ask the staff at the stores, but I think you’ll find they’re very accommodating. It seems to be a theme in Tombstone, and I’m sure the shop owners are making every effort to welcome pets. Have a great time!

  • Margarita Cafe on 131 S 15th is a great little Mexican restaurant with a wonderful pet friendly courtyard. Of course the Margaritas are great but I’ve also had good food and they are so nice to our pet whenever we visit!