Every once in a while, I jump on a plane and take a trip without the dogs. On those occasions, I’m reminded of the “benefits” of traveling without the furry members of the family:

Airplane Passengers1. You Can Fly. Because our boys are too big to fly in the cabin, air travel is not an option we consider with them … oh, the fun we miss! Flight delays, planes crammed with irritable people, more fees than you can shake a stick at, and overhead luggage space that disappears faster than popsicles on the 4th of July. It may be slower, but I’ll take traveling in a pet friendly motorhome any day.

2. You Don’t Get Stuck in Second-Rate Hotels. When you leave your pets behind, you don’t have to compromise on your choice of hotel to find one that accommodates your pets – even the nicest hotels are a possibility. Only, when I walked into the lobby of the beautiful hotel where I’m staying, there was a gorgeous German Shepherd checking in! Obviously, traveling with the dogs doesn’t hampered hotel selections, either.

Ty Eating Apple3. You Can Eat Inside at Restaurants. For me, food is a big part of the travel experience, and finding places that the locals enjoy is part of the fun. The icing on the cake is when I can sit at a table on the patio or sidewalk and combine a good meal with a little people watching! When the weather’s nice, I’d choose to sit outside every time … and having the dogs along actually makes it more fun.

4. You Don’t Have to Walk. When you travel sans dogs, you can jump in a cab, take the train, or rent a car to get around. But my preferred method of seeing new places is to walk. Walking allows me to savor a place, take spontaneous detours, and the feel like I’m actually exploring rather than zipping by. Plus, my aforementioned affinity for eating out means I usually need the exercise! Combine a stroll with the enthusiasm on the two furry faces that greet me each morning, and I’ve found that I see more and enjoy more when they’re with me.

5. You Can Go to Museums or Shopping. It’s true that most museums don’t allow dogs, and trying to shop with my boys is ruff. And I suppose that I could spend time doing both those things while I’m away, but museums aren’t really my thing, and after a while all shopping malls begin to look the same. I’d rather visit the parks, enjoy the architecture, and meet the people that make each city unique. And all of those things are better with the Ty and Buster at my side.

And, most importantly, when I travel with the dogs, I never have to face this look when I get home …

Ty and Buster Disappointed
We know you’ve been cuddling other dogs – we saw you on Facebook.

Given the choice, I’d rather travel with my dogs every time!

Planning a pet friendly trip of your own? We’ll make it easy:
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  • Perfect timing as It is KILLING ME to leave Jack tomorrow esp since I know that there are going to be dogs there!! ;( If they would have given me another weeks notice, I may have just driven to Atlanta & made a camp trip out of it! Looking forward to seeing you, we can console each other! haha

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