Sharing a treat with your pup — what could be a better on a hot summer day? Find a dog friendly ice cream shop near you, and let the fun begin!

Shar-pei dog licking a very small ice cream cone with a dog bone treat stuck in it

Who doesn’t love ice cream?! Even dogs (and cats) find that a frozen treat makes a hot summer night yummy. There are even plenty of spots serving up vegan ice cream for folks and pups with sensitive tummies. Scroll down to find the best dog friendly ice cream shop near you!

Why Should You Seek Out Dog Friendly Ice Cream Shops?

Do you really need to ask? 

Beside the obvious opportunity to make happy memories with your best friend, another great reason to seek out your local dog friendly ice cream shop is because it’s the ideal place to practice eating out together.

Let’s face it—lying quietly under a table while servers walk by with their hands full of delicious smelling food is an advanced skill for any dog. But ice cream stands are far more casual, making them an excellent place to start training your pup.

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Golden retriever sitting under a table at a dog friendly restaurant.
If your dog isn’t ready for dining on a dog friendly patio yet, maybe stopping at a local ice cream stand is a good first start.

The low-pressure environment of a dog friendly ice cream stand allows you to walk with your up to the outdoor order window and eat your treat at a nearby picnic table. You’ll have the perfect reward for good behavior right in your hand. And, if your pooch struggles to behave, it’s easy to walk away with your cone.


An Ice Cream Shop JUST for Dogs

For a truly dog friendly ice cream shop experience, check out Salty Paws, where they only serve dogs! They offer lactose-free, goat’s milk dog ice cream complete with a toppings bar that covers all the popular mix-ins … from sweet potatoes to chicken.

You’ll find Salty Paws in Annapolis, Maryland; Rehoboth, Delaware, Stone Harbor, New Jersey, Dunedin, Florida, and Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. And keep sniffing, because more Salty Paws are opening across the United States.

What Makes A Human Ice Cream Shop Dog Friendly?

Most shops will not allow your dog indoors to pick a flavor. However, a walk-up or drive-thru order window makes visiting with your pet easy. Add pet friendly outside seating — especially in the shade — you’ve got a great dog friendly ice cream shop!

Taking things up a notch, some shops have added special items on the menu just for dogs. Since not all dogs (or humans) can handle lactose, the best places offer non-dairy options that will make everyone happy.

Here are some fabulous ice cream shops across the United States. And we’ll share some of the reasons why we think they’re great to visit with your pet.

Can You Vacation With A Reactive Dog? You Betcha! |
Honey is definitely too busy eating to notice anything else going on around us.

National Dog Friendly Ice Cream Chains

Bruster’s Ice Cream – You’ll find Bruster’s mostly in states east of the Mississippi River. Enjoy all your favorite hard ice cream flavors plus an ever-rotating selection of seasonal treats.

Their ice cream and other frozen delights are made right in the store. Most locations have a walk-up ordering window and pet friendly seating outside. They also have non-dairy and sugar-free ice cream as well.

Culver’s – This midwest chain offers a pup cup of its famous custard with a dog treat on top. And most locations offer pet friendly outdoor seating. 

Rita’s Water Ice – Enjoy fruity water ice or custard that you order from a walk-up window. They also have a pup cup made with vanilla custard and a dog bone on top.

Shake Shack – This nationwide fast food chain began as a food cart in New York. Today, you can order a Pooch-ini (ice cream with peanut butter sauce) or a bag of treats. If you find a location that doesn’t have pet friendly outdoor seating, order your treat at the drive-up window.

Sonic – This nationwide chain offers a complete fast food menu. And some locations offer a cup of whipped cream or vanilla soft serve for dogs. Sonics have pet friendly patios under cover and offer drive-in ordering, some with roller skating servers.

Golden retriever on pet friendly patio at Sonic.
Honey loves Sonic. And with pet friendly patios and car-hop service, it’s an easy stop if you travel with your pet.

Recommended By GoPetFriendly Fans

Andy’s Frozen Custard – You’ll find Andy’s locations throughout the South and Midwest. While not all Andy’s have outdoor pet friendly seating, they often have drive-through windows making it an easy way to treat your pup to a cool treat. Enjoy custard in a variety of forms. And both the vanilla and chocolate custard are kosher.

Aggie the mini pinscher enjoys a cone from a dog friendly ice cream shop.
Aggie would tell you how much she loves her cone at Andy’s Frozen Custard–but she’s kinda busy right now. Photo Credit: Carol Seithel

Dairy Queen – This nationwide chain serves a pup cup with vanilla soft serve and a dog treat on top. Many don’t have pet friendly outdoor seating, but you can order your pup cup at the drive-up window.

Emack & Bolio’s – This dessert place doesn’t look or feel like a chain. Its locations pick up the feel of the area. But they have locations throughout the US and Asia. Most US locations have pet friendly seating. And they offer creative flavors, including dairy-free options.

But of course, there are unique, local dog friendly ice cream shops everywhere–maybe even in your neighborhood.

Great Local Ice Cream Shops

Personally, I think the best way to find a great dog friendly ice cream shop is to look for a huge ice cream cone on a sign by the side of the road. Especially when they’re near an attraction with a long line. Perfection! 

But if you need help getting started, we’ve gathered some of the best local shops by region. And we’ve highlighted suggestions from GoPetFriendly Facebook fans!

Keep an eye out for this kind of sign when you're looking for a dog friendly ice cream shop.
A “sign” of good things to come.

New England Dog Friendly Ice Cream Shops

Annabelle’s Natural Ice Cream – Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Located along the Portsmouth waterfront, Annabelle’s offers over 40 flavors and all are certified kosher! Walk up to the order window with your dog to choose your favorite flavor. And eat it while catching a breeze off the water.

Beale’s Ice Cream – locations in Portland, South Portland, and Gotham, Maine

Beale’s serves up unique, homemade ice cream flavors as well as ice cream cakes, pies, and pizzas! You’ll find several pet friendly picnic tables outside. And they have dairy-free flavors made with a coconut-oat base.

Buttonwood Farm Ice Cream – Griswold, Connecticut

Order at the walk-up window of the ice cream stand on this working farm. And you can even meet the cows who produced the milk for your favorite flavor. Or try one of their dairy-free options.

Trail’s End Ice Cream – North Conway, New Hampshire

This shop in the Settler’s Green shopping area serves both hard ice cream and soft serve. Order at the walk-up window and enjoy your cone at the shaded tables out front. They also offer a pup sundae!

Treadwell’s Ice Cream – Peabody, Massachusetts

Treadwell’s is the kind of old-fashioned place many of us picture as the classic ice cream shop. They’ve been serving up classic ice cream treats (along with Italian water ice and Lime Rickeys) since the 1940s. Order at the walk-up window and enjoy your treats at the outdoor tables. 

Udder Heaven Ice Cream Retreat – Bar Harbor, Maine

Your dog will be in heaven at this ice cream shop located next to a BBQ joint! Oh the smells! Order your ice cream at the walk-up window. They also have a few non-dairy options. And they have pet friendly tables outside. 


Recommended By GoPetFriendly Fans

Ice Cream Delights – Lincoln, New Hampshire

Walk up to the window to order milkshakes, ice cream, yogurt, and other sweet treats. They have pet friendly tables with umbrellas for shade. And don’t forget to get a pup cup of custard with a dog treat on top.

Pug dog looks at treats on the counter at a dog friendly ice cream shop.
Peter loves Ice Cream Delights. He knows he must be a very good boy to get three ice creams just for him. Photo Credit: Janet Olander
Three dogs enjoy their ice cream in the back of the car.
Well, maybe sharing isn’t so bad. Peter, Gabby, and Penny enjoy their cold treats from Ice Cream Delights. Photo Credit: Janet Olander

Mid-Atlantic Dog Friendly Ice Cream Shops

Bmore Licks – Baltimore, Maryland

Locals line up around the block for over 100 rotating flavors of hard ice cream and soft serve. They have several non-dairy options and also serve a pup cup.

While Bmore Licks only has a few tables available, they are across the street from Patterson Park which has many benches. It’s a great place to stop after visiting the Patterson dog park

Golden retriever licks a cup from a dog friendly ice cream shop.
Mmmmm, mint chocolate chip? Honey approves.

Casa Rosada Artisan Gelato – Alexandria, Virginia

Sample a diversity of flavors of Argentine-style gelato. They even have non-dairy options. And don’t forget to order a dog sundae, which is made from lactose-free pumpkin gelato and has a peanut butter treat on top!

Chap’s Homemade Gourmet Ice Cream – Charlottesville, Virginia

This retro ice cream and coffee shop sits on the downtown pedestrian mall. Your pup will have to wait with someone outside while you order your ice cream inside. But once you’ve been served, you can choose between one of the shaded, outdoor tables or strolling and window shopping with your cone. 

Lapp Valley Farms Ice Cream – Intercourse, Pennsylvania

This ice cream shop has a walk-up window for easy ordering. Their homemade ice cream is made on a dairy farm just a few miles away. It’s also set in the middle of the pet friendly Kitchen Kettle Village.

Ollie’s Ice Cream – Brooklyn, New York

Your dog will love Ollie’s. Why? Because they’re welcome inside to order their own Peanut Butter Pumpkin Butt pup cup. And outside, they can splash in the pool to cool off. With a variety of traditional and vegan, homemade flavors,  you’ll love it too!

The Dairy Godmother – Alexandria, Virginia

Sorry, the health department insists your dog stay with someone on the benches out front while you go inside to order. But your pup won’t mind too much if you buy him a puppy pop made from yogurt and either pumpkin or peanut butter. They also sell “Squirrels,” baked treats made from spent brewing grains. 

Recommended by GoPetFriendly Fans

JoJo’s Cupcakes and Ice Cream – St. Michael’s, Maryland

Enjoy fresh-baked cupcakes and homemade ice cream. Your pup can also enjoy their own scoop of vanilla with a dog treat on top. They have limited seating outside, but the town is a nice place to walk around with a cone in hand.


Southern Dog Friendly Ice Cream Shops

Amy’s Ice Creams – locations throughout Austin, Texas

This ever-growing, regional ice cream spot offers a rotating selection of 350 flavors, including a few non-dairy options. Most spots also offer a walk-up order window and pet friendly tables outside.

Cool Wave Ice Cream – Buxton, North Carolina

This Outer Banks ice cream shop has a roomy, pet friendly dining area outside, as well as free corn hole games you can play. Just make sure your retriever doesn’t take off with the bean bags!

Golden Cow Creamery – Charlotte, North Carolina

Once you choose your favorite artisan ice cream flavor you can enjoy it on their rocking chairs out front. They also serve frozen peanut butter dog treats. 

VeloPops – Matthews, North Carolina

While not exactly ice cream, we think it’s worth taking your pet to try their frozen treats. Serving up a mix of fruit and cream popsicles (some are dairy-free), this shop also has pet friendly tables outside. They even serve up a special Pup Pop with a chewable stick made from rawhide!

Wilton Creamery – Wilton Manors, Florida

Enjoy artisan ice cream developed by a gourmet chef. They also serve gluten-free and dairy-free options for humans. And don’t forget to order a cup of their dog friendly flavor as well. The 1950s-inspired shop has two levels of outdoor seating. 


Recommended by GoPetFriendly Fans

Hattie Jane’s Creamery – Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Enjoy small-batch flavors under a shaded front porch with pet friendly tables. They offer both gluten-free and dairy-free flavors.

Sweeties is a dog friendly ice cream shop in Georgetown, South Carolina.
Sweeties in Georgetown, South Carolina not only welcomes pets inside their dog friendly ice cream shop, they give a portion of their profits to support local rescues.

Midwest Dog Friendly Ice Cream Shops

Fletcher’s Ice Cream – Minneapolis, Minneapolis

Enjoy coffee drinks and homemade ice cream at this spot with a few pet friendly tables outside. And also remember to order a  pup cup with a dog treat on top.

Parlor City Ice Cream – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This family-owned ice cream stand has been in business for over 60 years! And the roadside spot has a walk-up window for ordering. Of course, it has a full selection of ice cream favorites.

Purple Door Ice Cream – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Enjoy unique flavors from lemon cardamom to whiskey. Of course, they have all your typical favorites too. And they serve up dairy-free options. They have plenty of pet friendly tables outside and a water dish. Sorry, you have to have someone wait with your pup outside while ordering.

Scooter’s Frozen Custard – Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s oldest custard shop serves up all your favorites. They only have a few benches outside to enjoy your cone. But they do have a walk-up window for ordering.

Summer Salt Ice Cream Company – Prairie Village, Kansas

Order your favorite ice cream flavors through the walk-up window. Don’t forget to get either a frozen watermelon pupsicle or vanilla woof cream for your pup. Then enjoy it on the shaded, pet friendly patio.


Recommended by GoPetFriendly Fans

Moomers Homemade Ice Cream – Traverse City, Michigan

Enjoy a selection of homemade flavors at this ice cream spot located on a working dairy farm—talk about fresh! The tables outside also have umbrellas for shade. And they’ll even serve your dog a pup cup.

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Dish of ice cream from Moomers in Traverse City, MI
Photo copyright: Alia Rose

Western Dog Friendly Ice Cream Shops

Bonnie Brae Ice Cream – Denver, Colorado

This old-fashioned ice cream stand has a walk-up ordering window and dog friendly tables with umbrellas for shade. Take a seat and see how much your pup will beg for a taste.

Cowlick’s Ice Cream – Fort Bragg, California

Order your favorite homemade favor from the walk-up order window of this dog friendly ice cream shop. Then sit down on the pet friendly picnic tables to enjoy it with your dog. 

Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate – Monterey, California

This iconic chocolate shop also serves rich ice cream. They have a charming, pet friendly patio along the Monterey waterfront, and the tables have umbrellas for shade. 

Humble Cow Ice Cream – Olympia, Washington

Enjoy traditional favorites as well as dairy-free and vegan options. They also sell a dairy-free dog treat. The pet friendly patio offers plenty of room for even the biggest dog.

The STIL – Boise, Idaho

This artisan ice cream shop offers vegan options, alcohol-infused flavors, and ice creams that pair with beer and wine. They have several locations with roomy pet friendly patios. And they also sell frozen dog treats in banana, pumpkin, and peanut butter flavors. 


Recommended by GoPetFriendly Fans

Caliches Custard – several locations in New Mexico

Order at a walk-up window or the drive-thru and they’ll give you a free Pooch Cone with your order. Then see how fast your pup gulps it down.

Chuckie loves Caliches Custard, a dog friendly ice cream shop in New Mexico.
Chuckie enjoys a Poochie Cone at Caliches Custard. Chuckie is over 17 years old! Does that mean ice cream is good for you? Photo Credit: Cheri Grebner Payne

PussyCat Gelato – Bisbee, Arizona

Grab a cone of Italian ice cream while strolling Bisbee’s main street. They even allow your dog to join you inside while you’re choosing your favorite flavor. They offer dairy-free and gluten-free options.

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View of "B Hill" from a staircase in Bisbee, AZ

Finding Dog Friendly Ice Cream Shops

This is only a small taste of the many dog friendly ice cream shops you’ll find when you search Is your favorite spot listed? If not, add it in the comments!

And don’t let the summer slip away before taking your pet out for some ice cream. 

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