To hike the Appalachian Trail with a dog is a dream for many people and their furry hiking buddies. I never dreamed that it would be possible for me. But, in the fall of 2018, I embarked on what would become the most rewarding walk of my life.

I took my dog, or “fur son,” as I like to refer to him, Toby, with me. Toby is a 70 pound chocolate lab mix. And together we walked 900 miles of the Appalachian Trail, from the Pennsylvania / New Jersey border to Katahdin peak in the middle of Maine.

Dog and woman hiking the pet friendly Appalachian Trail in Maine

Why Hike the Appalachian Trail with a Dog?

Never in my life did I imagine walking 900 miles, let alone with my pup in tow! But we successfully completed a little under half of the Appalachian Trail together. And now I can’t imagine hiking that trail without him.

As a career woman who worked A LOT, I always felt guilty about the time Toby spent alone. Sure, I hired the occasional dog walker, but I felt like I wasn’t giving him the attention he deserved.

Then the idea sparked to hike part of the Appalachian Trail. I immediately thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if I could help my dog hike the Appalachian Trail!?” It was less about me and more about us accomplishing this goal together.

The Highs

Toby was a beast on the trail. We’d spent some time training together in Idaho to build our hiking abilities, so I knew he was capable. I never imagined HOW capable he would be!

 Daily inspiration

Together we slowly built up our trail mileage from 5 miles to 15 miles a day. Though, even at 15 miles per day, he could easily have hiked twice as far.

Seeing the pure joy and excitement on his face kept me positive. There’s nothing worse than waking up to walk all day in wet clothes. But, no matter how unmotivated I felt, Toby’s positive energy was infectious. He helped me get through those days, which often ended with a hot shower at a pet friendly hotel. (Our favorites were Motel 6 and La Quinta, due to their low pet fees!)

Toby the famous trail dog

The Appalachian Trail begins in Georgia, but we jumped in past the half way mark. Most hikers we met along the way had been hiking for a while and knew each other. So, in a way, we were outsiders.

Toby broke that ice immediately. He became an instant trail icon. We’d roll into towns together and other hikers would recognize us both. Thanks to Toby, we were welcomed into a “trail family” of about 8 hikers. This meant we were constantly surrounded by friends, with Toby as the mascot, motivating and bringing joy to everyone along for the journey.

Toby the dog hiking the pet friendly Appalachian Trail in Maine

The Lows

Keeping Toby healthy was my first priority. There’s a saying that when you hike long distances with a dog, you are hiking “their hike,” meaning you put your dog’s needs above your own. For the most part, Toby remained healthy the entire trip.

A big part of this was making sure he ate enough food to maintain weight. Toby is a lean 65 pounds, so I was always adding olive oil to his food, and it worked!

Issues in the White Mountains

Mount Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire was the exception. We were both able to summit the mountain, which is the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi. However, the descent was brutal. For about 5 miles the trail passes over very steep, rough rocks. By the end of the day, Toby’s paws started showing signs of hot spots.

Thankfully, Toby carried dog booties in his backpack, and he wore them as soon as I discovered the hot spots. Those booties saved his paws, which was lucky, because we still had 5 miles more to hike that day!

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Toby the dog hiking the pet friendly Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire

Healing up in Gorham

The next day, we took an Uber into Gorham, New Hampshire and Toby stayed with a pet sitter for a week while I continued walking without him.

When his paws had healed completely, I went back and picked him up. We were both ecstatic to be back on the trail together! I needed the motivation; hiking Maine was difficult because it’s extremely mountainous in the south. Fortunately, Toby was healthy and happy the rest of the trip.

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Go adventure together!

It’s been my dream to hike the Appalachian Trail with a dog since I was a little girl. And having Toby along completely changed the experience. He was my snuggle buddy at night, my muse for the camera during the day, and constant inspiration to keep me going.

Dog and woman hiking along train tracks on the pet friendly Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire

I’d like to say we made the perfect team, but in reality HE made the perfect team. For anyone thinking of hiking a long distance with your dog, I say go for it! The experience will deepen your relationship more than you can imagine. There’s something magical about watching your dog live their best life.

See you out on the trail!

About the Author: Trisha Penrod is a recent Air Force veteran turned marketer. She spends her free time exploring with her fur son, Toby, and blogging about dog adventures at

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  • Hi Amy…started training yesterday for my planned A.T. hike next year. I’m very torn as whether to bring my 2yo English Cream Golden…’Sully’ with me. While he is a social butterfly and we are attached at the hip, my concerns include the exposure to thousands of ticks he will encounter not to mention the endless black flies and mosquitoes. I will be sleeping in a hammock leaving Sully to sleep on the ground exposed to the weather and critters. I don’t want to sacrifice his long term health for the sake of his company. Your thoughts?

    • Hi Michael! Good for you for embarking on this adventure, and I appreciate you for being sensitive to Sully’s comfort and well being. Of course, it’s impossible to predict how bad the bugs will be during your hike. The time of year you go and the weather leading up to your departure will be the determining factors. Of course, a topical tick preventative would protect your boy from ticks, and there are natural insect repellants for dogs that would help keep him from being bothered as much. Also Insect Shield makes a dog mat that Sully could sleep on during your trip that would protect him at night. You’d have to weigh any potential physical discomfort he might feel from the bugs against the emotional upset he might feel being away from you for the duration of your hike. It sounds like you’re pretty attached – he might be happier to be with you, even if it means putting up with some pesky critters. But only you can know for sure. Good luck, and stay safe out there!