When it comes to booking hotels, it may feel like “pet friendly” translates to “dog friendly.” But there are some great hotels where cats are welcome, too! We’re happy to provide you with this list of cat friendly hotel chains for all your feline friendly adventures.

Woman sitting on a bed in a pet friendly hotel looking at a computer with a cat on her lap

Some cats like traveling, too! But locating a cat friendly hotel for your trip can be a challenge. When managers set the rules at each location, it’s hit-and-miss to find accommodations that will meet your needs. Fortunately, some hotels welcome cats at ALL their properties, so you can count on these chains to welcome your feline friend.

Cat Friendly Hotel Chains

Affinia Hotels & Suites

The Affinia hotel chain consists of three properties in New York City, and all are delighted to have your cat as a guest!

One cat is allowed per room for a $150 pet fee. He or she will be pampered with food and water bowls, an over-sized pet bed, a toy, and a door hanger to alert the hotel staff that your pet is inside. The program also includes a $10 donation to the Humane Society, which is a nice touch!

Review the Affinia Pet Policy.

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Best Western Hotels & Resorts

Best Western has 1,600 pet friendly hotels across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean, and many will welcome your feline travel companion. According to their website, pets such as cats, birds, monkeys, snakes, or other animals are allowed at the discretion of each property manager and require prior approval.

There may be a maximum charge of $30 per day for each room with a pet or multiple pets, or a maximum charge per week of $150. A refundable damage deposit of up to $150 per stay may be required of all guests with a pet.

Review the Best Western Pet Policy.


Days Inn Hotels

Days Inn offers guests warm hospitality and clean, comfortable rooms at their 829 pet friendly locations across North America. This low- to moderately-priced hotel chain offers convenient locations and family-friendly amenities that make it a good choice for human and pet travelers.

Each Days Inn location sets it’s own pet policy, and not all Days Inn hotels allow pets. The properties that are pet friendly typically charge a pet fee starting at $10 per night. Weight limits and the number of pets allowed vary by location.

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Woman holding a mug look out big window with black cat at her feet

Drury Hotels

The Drury hotel chain, with over 150 locations across the United States, is a well-kept, pet friendly secret. Located in 24 states, they bring southern hospitality to the mid-scale hotel experience.

This hotel chain’s warm welcome also extends to pets. Up to two pets are allowed per room at every Drury location. The combined weight of the pets cannot exceed 80 pounds, and the daily pet fee is $35 per room.

Review the Drury Pet Policy.


Extended Stay America

Extended Stay America focuses on long-term stays, offering spacious apartment-style suites where you can work, dine and relax at their 630 locations. They also welcome a maximum of two pets per suite.

A $25 per day, per pet cleaning fee is charged for the first six nights (not to exceed $150 per pet). Thereafter, a $10 per day fee is charged for the first 5 days of each month (not to exceed $50 per month, per pet).

Height and length restrictions also apply. Pets can be no longer than 36 inches and no taller than 36 inches. More than two pets or those that exceed the size restrictions must be approved by the property manager prior to making your reservation.

Review the Extended Stay America Pet Policy.

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Hotels by Hilton

With hotels across the US and Canada, you’ll find a Hilton in most cities in North America. Each property in the Hilton hotel chain sets its own pet policy, but most allow two cats for an additional fee ranging between $35 and $75 dollars. Amenities also very by property and may include food and water bowls and a pet bed.

Hilton brands include Double Tree, Embassy Suites, Hampton, Homewood Suites, Home2, and Waldorf Astoria.


Kimpton Hotels

The Kimpton hotel chain‘s 64 North American properties lead the pack in pet friendliness. They welcome all pets with no limit on the number, species, weight, or breed, and charge no additional fees or deposits!

This cat friendly hotel chain goes the extra mile to be sure all pets enjoy their stay as much as their human guests do, offering special amenities like comfy pet beds and treats at check in.

Review the Kimpton Pet Policy.

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Cat and dog resting on bed in a pet friendly hotel

La Quinta by Wyndham Hotels

With nearly 900 pet friendly La Quinta hotels across North America, you’re never far away! Located along major highways, as well as in towns and cities, this chain is a solid choice when looking for an affordable and reliably pleasant hotel.

While most La Quintas welcome two pets per room, there are some La Quinta hotels that do not allow pets:

  • Brooklyn Downtown
  • Brooklyn East
  • Cincinnati Airport Florence
  • Dallas – Richardson
  • Dallas Downtown
  • Inglewood
  • New York City Central Park
  • Plano Legacy Frisco
  • San Antonio Medical Center NW
  • White Plains – Elmsford
  • Queens (New York City)

La Quinta welcomes two pets per room and some locations have a pet weight limit. In addition, beginning January 1, 2019, some properties instituted a pet fee of $20 per night, not to exceed $40 per stay per room.  Please call to verify pet policies before making your reservation.

Review the La Quinta Pet Policy.


Loews Hotels

The Loews hotel chain definitely puts their best paw forward when it comes to pet amenities at their 27 properties in the U.S. and Canada! Bedding, leashes, collars, litter boxes and litter, litter scoopers, pet placemats and water bowls can be provided at checkin. Many locations even offer pet-centric selections on the room service menu and connect you with local pet sitters.

Loews welcomes up to two four-legged guests per room, and each location sets their own pet fees. Be sure to confirm the pet policy before making your reservation.

Review the Loews Pet Policy.

Small kitty sleeping on a pillow

Marriott Hotels

With 1,500 pet friendly hotels throughout the US and Canada, there’s a Marriott brand hotel in most large North American cities. Each property determines it’s own pet policy, but most allow one or two small cats (or dogs) for an additional fee ranging from $25 per night to $250 per stay.

Marriott’s cat friendly hotel brands include Renaissance, Residence Inn, Ritz Carlton, Sheraton, Springhill Suites, W Hotels, and Westin.

Learn more about Marriott’s Pet Friendly Properties.


Motel 6

Motel 6 is the largest owned and operated motel chain with 1,400 locations across the United States and Canada. Their rooms are some of the most affordable you’ll find, and every location is cat friendly.

Motel 6 allows two per room with a combined maximum weight of 150 pounds. They Motel 6 brand does not charge pet fees, and the Studio 6 branded hotels charge a $10 per night pet fee, up to $75. You won’t find any pet amenities here, but the price is right!

Review the Motel 6 Pet Policy.

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Red Roof Inns

Red Roof provides cat friendly accommodations at economical prices at their 600+ pet friendly locations across the country. And, not only do they not charge additional pet fees, they’ll give you a 10% discount when you bring your pet along!

Every Red Roof welcomes one pet (cat or dog) up to 80 pounds per room with no additional fees. Some locations may allow more than one pet, but please call first to confirm.

Review the Red Roof Inn Pet Policy.


WoodSpring Suites

WoodSpring Suites is an extended-stay hotel chain with 300 pet friendly locations in the United States. Each location sets their own pet policy, so it’s important to call and verify the details before making your reservation.

Many WoodSpring locations welcome two cats or dogs weighing under 80 pounds per room and charge a pet fee of $15 per night for stays of 1-6 nights. The pet fee is reduced to $5 per night for the 7 nights or longer.

Review the WoodSpring Pet Policy.

Woman sitting on a bed in a pet friendly hotel looking at a computer with a cat on her lap

Finding Cat Friendly Hotel Chains Gets Easier

We hope we’ve made finding accommodations for your next cat friendly trip a little easier. If you’ve found other cat friendly hotel chains you love, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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  • We traveled from Kansas City to Wisconson. We checked ahead of time and was told the hotel was “pet friendly”. When we arrived we were advised that meant DOG friendly. We travel with a cat condo that contains the cat box, bed, water, food and a place for the cat to rest. It fits where one of the back seats folds down. Even though the cat stays in the condo they would not consider allowing us to stay. This was Motel 6, Best Western, up to Hilton. One hotel said the cat could stay with a $400 deposit. We ended up driving straight through. I want to travel but do not have anyone to take care of the cat at home.

    • I’m sorry you had that experience, Donna. If you want to be 100% sure that your cat will be welcomed at a hotel, book a Kimpton. They are truly wonderful when it comes to pets. I hope that helps, and wish you safe travels.

  • La Quinta treats cats wonderfully! GREAT experience with kitty at La Quinta all the way across the country.

    • It depends on which La Quinta! We often travel with our cat. We have found that “pet friendly” often means “dog friendly”. We thought we had found the perfect match with La Quinta after staying at several locations. Then we arrived late one night in Tulsa, OK. We were informed that our cat could not stay, because two of the housekeepers were allergic to cats. Needless to say, we had a problem. We have run into this issue at other chains too. You really need to call in advance to confirm that your cat will be accepted. BTW: The dogs cause far more damage to hotels rooms than the cats ever do.

      • Thanks for your response, Steve! And you are absolutely correct — calling in advance of your arrival to confirm the hotel’s pet policy can safe a lot of angst at the end of a long day on the road. Wishing you happy and safe travels!

  • It’s so hard to find places, people have such terrible misconceptions about cats, they don’t just pee everywhere or scratch, never. The worst they could do is maybe track kitty litter, however I keep lint rollers and place towels around so I can then dispose.
    Trying to find a place around Yosemite and it’s impossible “dogs only”… That is why it’s operation “Hide Cat” when we travel, they never ever know and every AirBnB thanks us for making the place spotless…we leave all places in better condition than we found them when we travel with the cat, why would we not?

    • It is so frustrating when you’re a responsible pet guardian who is penalized for the poor behavior of less conscientious travelers. Just be careful with your “hide cat” policy. If you’re discovered, it’s unlikely to change the mind of a property owner.

      But when you do find accommodations that welcome cats, please share them with GoPetFriendly so other cat people can benefit from the information.

  • Just stayed at a Hyatt Regency in Houston and they had a sign in the lobby welcoming our friends. Dogs were on one side of the sign and they had cats on the other side of the sign. Not sure what it costs extra to keep one with you there but the sign did catch our eye.

  • We made our move successfully. Stayed at a Super 8 and a La Quinta. No questions about the number of animals. One thing to consider with cats. Super 8 had carpet everywhere but the bathroom, and hard to get the litter up. The La Quinta had tile which was much easier to clean.

    • So good to hear that your move went well, Tom. And thanks for sharing your experience at the Super 8 vs. La Quinta – you bring up an excellent point! All the best as you settle in your new home.

  • I am moving from Colorado to Virginia in a month and need to find cat-friendly places to stay along the way. Traveling with my wife and two grown children, two dogs, and four to six cats. We know we need at least two rooms every night. We stayed at a Best Western outside Kansas City and they have a no cat policy. We also stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in Winchester, KY, and they have a no pet policy. Any idea on where we can find a place to stay just east of Kansas City, MO and around Winchester, KY, that is multi-cat friendly?

    • Hi Tom! Using the GoPetFriendly website, you can search for cat friendly accommodations. I searched in Independence, Missouri, which is just east of Kansas City, and then clicked on “Lodgings” at the top of the page. Then I clicked on the green “Filter” button in the top right of the page and selected places that are cat friendly. The results gave me the Apple Tree Inn, and their policy (which you should confirm before booking your stay) says that the hotels welcomes cats and allows up to three pets per room >> https://www.gopetfriendly.com/lodging/hotels/ks/independence/apple-tree-inn-independence-kansas

      Doing the same for Winchester, Kentucky, I found the Best Western and the Quality Inn. Both say that allow cats and welcome multiple pets, but those pet polices should be confirmed.

      I hope that helps and that you have a great trip!

    • We have had the same issues. Holiday Inn, Best Wester, Hampton, Super 8, etc…. NO CATS! The ones to look for are Extended Stay, La Quinta, Staybridge and Kimpton. Most Hilton Garden do not take cats and only Some Comfort Inn and Suites.

  • We’ve pretty much decided that we’re going to have to fly. It scares me to death to have my babies in animal cargo but it seems like the easiest and cheapest way to do it. As we get closer to moving date, I will contact the airlines and see if we can let 2 cats fly together to keep each other feeling safe then odd kitty out will fly with us in the cabin.

    Has anyone flown with cats in cargo? I don’t want to hear any horror stories! Just wondering how they did mentally and if you put water with them (like a gerbil/hamster water bottle attached to the side). I also worry about them just sitting “somewhere” during layover.

    • I haven’t flown a pet in cargo, RubyStar, so I can’t offer any personal experience. However, I do know that millions of people do it every year. I hope all goes smoothly for you and your cats and that you all settle in well in your new home.

    • We flew one dog and one cat (separately, different trips). The biggest problem was the narrow temperature range allowed for any location that the plane would be on the ground. Direct flights, so no layover. We provided water, a thick towel and a favorite toy. Mentally, both were more more insulted than anything else.

    • Just wondering how this went. I have 3 cats too and wonder how I would navigate this if it came up

    • Hi RubyStar! Congratulations on your move. The only hotel chain that I’m aware of that doesn’t have a limit on the number of pets per room is Kimpton. You’ll find Kimpton hotels in major cities across the country. I hope that helps and that you have a safe trip!

      • Thanks that’s the only one I have found that will let more than 2 per room. Unfortunately there aren’t many of them across the country

          • Yes, I agree, Amanda! Especially if you’re staying for more than one or two nights.

          • Amanda, in your experience have you had any trouble with places that say “pets allowed” but underneath it says “assistance animals always welcome”? That seems to imply they only allow service animals.

            I’m also seeing that even with Airbnb’s, they say two pet maximum. I’m hoping that if I contact the host ahead of time, I could work out an agreement.

    • *Long*. RubyStar—I’m glad you posted this question. I had a very sudden and *desperate* situation about 7 years ago where I had to do this with 6 cats—solo. I had to plan on the fly and I was in a rush and very short of money/time and it was very tough to make sure of everything ahead of time, but I did the best I could and considering the circumstances, it all worked out very well, but boy was it stressful! I’m literally still recovering from that time in my life and all that was going on!

      I don’t think most allowed that amount but I just told them I had cats and didn’t always volunteer how many! It’s easier to find a place where you can park right outside of your room or get a room near a side entrance. I always had my “do not disturb” sign on the door. I also cleaned up meticulously after them and you could never even tell I had brought pets with me by the time I left. So, I would recommend having a good hand vacuum with you!

      My advice if you find yourself in a pinch like I did, is to make sure you don’t give any reason why they should even have these stringent rules by leaving things as good or better than when you found them. In one of the places I stayed, I found dog bones left behind under a bed from a previous guest and I even cleaned those up!

      There were a few places that knew I had 6 with me but were very kind about it and some didn’t even charge me as much as they could have.

      Holiday Inn and Suites/Express and Rodeway Inn were very nice about it. Also found that Super 8 and Motel 6 we’re good. Hampton Inn & Suites was another one I stayed at. Also, La Quinta was pretty laid back, too.

      Kimpton hotels are supposedly the very best but they aren’t as ubiquitous and they are also above my price range at the moment. I dream of staying in a Kimpton! They are part of the IGH group, So, I plan on checking out other hotels in that group as well. I even ended up getting an IHG credit card hoping to rack up enough points to be able to stay in one of them someday.

      Currently, I have 5 cats, like you, and I’m looking to take an extended trip later this year with my husband and our cats. So far I’ve just begun and I’ve been having the toughest time finding places that allow that many and Like others in the comments, it’s very frustrating when they say they are pet friendly and they really just mean dogs.

      Airbnb’s seem to be a possibly better choice, but even there I’m seeing the same types of restrictions. I’m also seeing things where they say “pets allowed” and underneath something like “service animals are always welcome”.

      I wish places would just allow it and if your pets are destructive in any way, you get charged. I mean, truth be told, most children are more destructive than my cats, and they’re allowed.

      Anyway, good luck relocating and finding lodging along the way! I’d love to know how it works out for you!

  • I just had Extended Stay America in Salt Lake City last night tell me they don’t accept cats anymore. She said it’s all ESAs, not just this one. I haven’t tried to verify that yet, but I had checked the pet policy before coming and even called to verify cats are OK before booking the previous night, and on the phone they said they do. Only after I drove all day and tried to check in they said no cats.

    Agree with previous commenter they need to stop saying “pet friendly” if it’s only dogs!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Jim. We’ll look into the policy change at Extended Stay America as well. Safe travels to you!

    • I had a similar problem with Windham Garden’s in Ventura, CA. They had been “cat” friendly but all of a sudden, upon arrival it had become and “always was” dog friendly. (So why had our 4 cats in 2 rooms been welcomed previously). no explanation, but they did honor that visit.

  • I have yet to find a Best Western that allows any pets, let alone cats (at least in WA and OR). I’ve had great luck with Holiday Inn and the occasional La Quinta. Motel 6 of course, but most of them aren’t worth the money. It would be great if hotels would stop with the “pet friendly” when they really mean “dogs only.”

    • Hi Ellen! Thanks for your note. Yes, it can definitely be a challenge to find hotels that welcome cats. I’m glad you’re having some luck with Holiday Inn and La Quinta. Red Roof might be another good option – nearly every location across the country welcome one pet to join you when you stay!

  • Hi…the Ritz and Trump hotels in Washington D.C. and Georgetown allow cats for a fee. Also, the Belmont, Charleston S. C. And the Anchorage Inn in Beaufort, S.C. For a fee. Loved them all!

  • we just traveled to Florida with a cat. The Homewood Suites in Fredericksburg, VA only accepts dogs. I found this out after booking the hotel then I just happen to click on their pet policy to see that it says Dogs Only. We stayed at a Tru Hotel and a Home2 Suites which both allowed cats at $25 per night and $100 per night respectively. Make sure you find the pet policy before you book or call the hotel directly.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Debbie! We do have pet policies on the GoPetFriendly website. But it’s still always best to call ahead, because hotels change them all the time and don’t always let us know. Safe travels to you!

  • 3 Best Western hotels in cities surrounding Pullman, WA do not accept anything but dogs. E.S.A.’s (cats) don’t matter to them.

  • We always have stayed at LaQuinta because we travel with our cat. Hundreds of nights over the years. Since Wyndham took over quality has declined and now they charge $20/night. Ow for a 3 week vacation we have to add over $400 to our cost. We have decided to start looking elsewhere.

    • Wow! That’s a bing increase to absorb, Colleen. It sounds like looking for an alternative is a good idea. Safe travels to you!

  • Please correct this post. I’m a long time Marriott member and am looking to switch. Most Marriott hotels only allow dogs and not cats. I’ve called several brands in the chain – Marriott, Sheraton, Courtyard and most it not all do not allow cats which is unfortunate.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Raymond! We’ll do some additional research and see if we can get more definitive information for Marriott.

  • More people are traveling with their cats these days I think. I traveled all over the southwest and the mountain states with my cat 4 years ago. La Quinta and Best Western were my go-to choices because they are always plentiful along freeway exits. For a longer term stay, Residence Inns and TownePlace Suites by Marriott were excellent.

    • Yes, I agree, Michelle – we’re happy to see more people traveling with their cats. Thanks so much for sharing your experience, and happy travels to you!

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