Ahhhh. What could be more relaxing than enjoying a cold, craft brew on a hot summer day? Doing it with your best friend, of course! That’s why we’ve gathered this guide for drinking with your dog and cat, highlighting pet friendly breweries, wineries, and distilleries across the country.

Drinking With Pets

Luckily, you’ll find tons of pet friendly breweries throughout North America. And more are opening all the time!

Not a beer drinker? Then maybe a pet friendly winery or distillery is more to your taste.

No matter your preference, you’ll find beverage makers that love pets. Some even name their creations to honor our furry loved ones!


Why Pet Friendly Breweries?

Businesses that produce alcohol but don’t serve food are subject to less stringent health regulations than restaurants. And some breweries and tasting rooms even allow pets inside.

While living in upstate New York, we enjoyed visiting many Finger Lakes wineries with our pups. And now that we travel full time in our sailboat, we’ve sampled adult beverages up and down the eastern seaboard with our golden retriever, Honey.

Can You Vacation With A Reactive Dog? You Betcha! | GoPetFriendly.com
Sitting quietly under a restaurant table in a busy restaurant is an advanced skill for any dog.

My husband loves seasonal brews. I love people-watching. And Honey loves hearing “Oooh, it’s a golden” whenever we step inside a dog-friendly brewery. There’s something for everyone in the family!

But we can’t drink responsibly and visit every pet-friendly drinking establishment. Luckily, the GoPetFriendly.com team has been tracking down interesting alcohol-related businesses in their travels. And there are bloggers all over the country (and even the world) who enjoy drinking with their dogs.

I’ve pulled some of the best links together to help you find great places to drink with your pet.

Pet Friendly Breweries, Taprooms, and Bars

Craft brewing is huge—it seems like there’s a new artisanal brewery opening every five minutes. And dog friendly breweries are becoming exciting destinations. Some have visiting food trucks. At others, you can play games. And still others are offering indoor and outdoor dog parks, like That Dane Bar in Lake Havasu, Arizona.

And would you believe some breweries even have dogs on staff?

But if you don’t have a dog, don’t feel left out! Some breweries hold special events to support cat charities, as Chanel the kitty discovered at Platform Brewing in central Ohio.


Generally, though, it’s dogs you’ll be seeing at breweries and taprooms.

Seattle is famously dog-friendly. Don’t believe me? Check out Which Seattle Eateries Allow Dogs Inside. Yes, most of them are breweries or taprooms!

And on the other coast, New York City has a few bars which welcome dogs inside—8 Dog-Friendly Places To Grab A Drink In NYC.

In fact, wine and beer trails are popping up in completely unexpected places. Planning to see Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, or Custer State Park? Be sure to check out the Pet Friendly Breweries and Wineries in South Dakota’s Black Hills while you’re there!

Rod, Buster, and Ty of GoPetFriendly.com on the pet friendly front patio at Crow Peak Brewing Company in Spearfish, SD

Dog Friendly Wineries

And speaking of wineries … you’ll find wineries all over the United States. But the most famous wine region is California.

If you’re looking to explore wineries while avoiding the crowds in Napa and Sonoma, check out Tips for Enjoying California Wine Country with Your Dog. And you’ll find even more pet friendly wineries in Discover Lodi, California: A Guide To Dog Friendly Wine Tasting At The Best Lodi Wineries.

The second-largest wine region is the Finger Lakes area of New York. You’ll find dozens of stunning vineyards to explore in Uncorking Finger Lakes Wine Country.

German Shepherd Dog and Shar-pei on the patio at a pet friendly winery in the Finger Lakes, NY

But nearly every part of the country produces wine.

Planning a visit to Oregon with your dog? Check out A Complete Itinerary To Dog Friendly Wineries Of The Willamette Valley.

Heading for Texas? You’ll find two vineyards to visit with your pets in Dog Friendly Fredericksburg, Texas.

And it’s easy to visit Canada with pets. So don’t miss the lovely wineries in the Niagara region of Ontario!

Dog Friendly Distilleries

Not yet as popular as breweries, craft distilleries are also beginning to crop around the country.

Minnesota now has 15 dog friendly craft distilleries! And, while it’s fun to support tiny craft distillers, don’t forget the big daddies in the business. Perhaps your pup would enjoy Barking Along Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail.

Jim Beam Distillery - Louisville, KY
Jim Beam Distillery – Louisville, KY

The How-To’s Of Drinking With Your Dog

Naturally, there’s an etiquette to drinking with your dog.

You can find pet friendly breweries, wineries, and distilleries under “breweries and wineries” when you search GoPetFriendly.com. And your favorite dog friendly dive bar will be listed under “bars and restaurants.” But, before you visit, don’t forget to check with the business to ensure pet policy hasn’t changed. A little extra research will ensure your plans aren’t derailed.

And take a bit of time to prep your pet for the outing. Brushing up on some basic obedience will allow your pup to be on his best behavior and keep you and all the other patrons happy.


Luckily, the boom in breweries has also led to some great tips for drinking with your dog.

A Dog Walks Into A Bar suggests The Top 5 Things To Bring To A Dog Friendly Brewery (Besides Your Dog).

A Colorado dog trainer even offers specialized training and certification for Brewery Friendly Dogs. Yep, you can sign up for a class taught in an actual brewery to make sure your dog has the skills she needs to be a polite drinking companion!

Finally, don’t forget to drink responsibly. After all, your furry companion is counting on you to take care of him. Take advantage of pet friendly rideshare services if you’ve had too much fun so you all get home safely.

Happy woman traveling in car with dog. Coast landscape background.

So the next time you’re headed home from your favorite beach or hiking trail and need some refreshments, check out a dog friendly brewery. Or take your hike around a pet friendly winery and sample some of the vintages.

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  • I think Plush and I need to check out the Finger Lakes wineries, we go out that way a lot. Sounds less noisy than the brewery. There’s some gorgeous places in the Lancaster PA area too that let him in on the grounds but not inside.

    • Hi Emilia! I need to update that post on the Finger Lakes from our most recent visit. Things are growing quickly there, and I think Plush would love it! We haven’t explored the Lancaster, PA area. That’s one we’ll add to our list. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Every June City Star Brewery in Berthoud Colorado sponsors Hops and Harley, a Fundraising event with dog centered activities, great food trucks and, naturally, outstanding beer. Money raised goes to fund puppy mill awareness and campaigns to stop such puppy mills

    • That’s fantastic, Cathie! It sounds like a lot of fun for a great cause. Thanks for letting us know!

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